January 20, 2014

Kind words about my recent LA show with Bill Orcutt. Thanks, Benjamin!
Bill Orcutt – The Echo, December 13, 2013
This was definitely my favorite live performance of the year and probably one of my favorite live performances ever. I’m a modernist at heart and I appreciate things that seem very “new” to me (fully recognizing the problems with that type of judgment). Most known for his work in 90s noise-rock band Harry Pussy, Bill Orcutt is still the most shockingly new guitarist I’ve heard. When I get disillusioned by the staleness I perceive in a lot guitar-based music these days, Bill Orcutt reminds that there’s a lot of unexplored territory in the instrument – an inspiring revelation for someone that plays guitar in a band. Opening for Lee Ranaldo and the Dust (who were good-not-great) and playing with the drummer Jacob Felix Heule (who complimented Orcutt’s style perfectly), Bill Orcutt showed off his idiosyncratic style like a painter might give a studio visit; I got the impression that he was just showing us what he’s been working on, and that if I’m lucky enough to see him again in 2014 that his sound will be even newer and better crafted.