January 10, 2017

January shows

Coming up this month Voicehandler plays a unique show on a boat in the San Francisco Bay, Beauty School celebrates a new cassette release, and Active Music Series pays tribute to Pauline Oliveros.

Sat 1/14. 7:00 and 9:00 PM. Pier 40, San Francisco.
Voicehandler will be playing on a yacht launching from Pier 40, San Francisco.
Attention! We’ve moved highlights the ongoing displacement of artists and cultural spaces by bringing audiences to a floating, itinerant version of an underground club.
Performances by Dynasty Handbag, Voicehandler, Kevin Blechdom, and International Freakout a Go-Go.
7–8:45pm cruise, tickets $35 each
9–10:45pm cruise, tickets $35 each
details and tickets: http://www.thelab.org/projects/2017/1/12/noiseclub

Sat 1/21, 7-10 PM
Adobe Books (3130 24th St, SF) free/donation
- Beauty School (Chandler, Djll, Heule) cassette release show!
- Owen Stewart-Robertson cassette release show!
- Collision Stories (Bachmann, Day, Gendreau, Jones)

Fri 1/27
Active Music Series presents a special tribute to Pauline Oliveros performed by sfSound and Rova Saxophone Quartet.

Also my two recurring series:

Tue 1/10 9:00 PM Uptown Nightclub [1928 Telegraph Ave Oakland]
Active Music Series Presents:
- Scott Amendola Trio
- Fibers + Kinda Green

Sun 1/15 7:30 PM Temescal Arts Center [511 48th Street Oakland]
Doors That Only Open in Silence (open participation workshop in free improvisation)

For a taste of what has been happening — and what is coming — here is some documentation of the Doors That Only Open in Silence crew playing two Pauline Oliveros works last month.
From Unknown Silences: https://soundcloud.com/jacob-felix/from-unknown-silences
Horse Sings From Cloud: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNU-nR6TnG8

January 7, 2017

Pauline Oliveros, "From Unknown Silences"

Large group of Doors That Only Open in Silence participants performing Pauline Oliveros' "From Unknown Silences" (1996).

2016 December 18 at Temescal Arts Center, Oakland.

Danishta Rivero - voice, Tom Djll - trumpet, Mika Pontecorvo - flute, Kersti Abrams - alto saxophone, John Ingle - alto saxophone, Lenny Gonzalez - cello, Andrew Jamieson - keyboard, Robin Hiroko Walsh - guitar, Jacob Felix Heule - percussion, Chris Christensen - electronics, Yacob - guitar, Matt Davignon - electronics, Hugh Behm-Steinberg - electronics

"From Unknown Silences is continuous variation on sounds. Each sound that each player makes is intended to be unique — different from all other sounds in the meditation."