January 7, 2017

Pauline Oliveros, "From Unknown Silences"

Large group of Doors That Only Open in Silence participants performing Pauline Oliveros' "From Unknown Silences" (1996).

2016 December 18 at Temescal Arts Center, Oakland.

Danishta Rivero - voice, Tom Djll - trumpet, Mika Pontecorvo - flute, Kersti Abrams - alto saxophone, John Ingle - alto saxophone, Lenny Gonzalez - cello, Andrew Jamieson - keyboard, Robin Hiroko Walsh - guitar, Jacob Felix Heule - percussion, Chris Christensen - electronics, Yacob - guitar, Matt Davignon - electronics, Hugh Behm-Steinberg - electronics

"From Unknown Silences is continuous variation on sounds. Each sound that each player makes is intended to be unique — different from all other sounds in the meditation."

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